Instruction for use of Byfield Village Hall

1. Gaining Entry

To gain entry you will require the four digit number to open the key safe which is to the left of the door to the Main Hall and to the right of the door to the Meeting Room.  The Chairman, Richard Corbett will give you the number, provided that you have completed and signed the booking form, and paid the £100 surety, if BVHMC consider that a surety is required.

The key safe is operated as follows:

OPEN pull forward rubber cover to reveal keypad and instructions
press and slide down CLEAR button at base
enter 4 digit code - press each digit firmly, tip: use your fingernail
press and slide down OPEN button at top

CLOSE press and slide down CLEAR
re-enter 4 digit code press each digit firmly, tip: use your fingernail
press and slide down OPEN button - close door
replace key and rubber cover

Please close the safe while you are in the Hall and do not forget to replace the key in the safe after the event.  Please do not take the key home with you.

Position of key safe to left of from doorOperation of key safe


2. Essential Electrics

In the Main Hall find a row of 5 switches to right of serving hatch and partly hidden by curtain. Ignore the middle one that is for testing the emergency lights.  Leave ON at all times the two right hand switches labelled ‘main switch’ and 'emergency lights'.  Activate the two left hand switches as necessary for the main and left hand sections of the Hall.  Please turn OFF when leaving.  Lights for the Side Annex, away from the car park, are operated within that area and are dimmable.

To the left of these switches is a timer switch. Above is a switch for the heaters. This controls the wall mounted heaters down the left side of the Main Hall as one faces the stage, two heaters in the stage annex and the eight ceiling-mounted heaters above the Main Hall. The wall mounted ceramic heaters and the Dimplex heater in the stage annex also have local controls. Check these are on. The eight ceiling-mounted heaters in the Main Hall are controlled by four switches to the left of the servery. Above those switches is a thermostat and below a switch that operates the glitter ball. Select the time for which heat is required: 1/4 , 1/2, 1 or 2 hours. Please do not waste. If you need no more heat keep pressing the timer switch and it goes round to zero.

Light switches Ceiling heaters, mirror ball & thermostat

Timer & heater switch


The equivalent heaters in the Side Annex are activated by an identical timer switch located to the right of the cooker in the kitchen. Please note the several large wall-mounted grey heaters work by night storage to provide background heat in winter. Please LEAVE ALONE. In the Meeting Room the wall-mounted Dimplex heaters and the hot water geyser over the sink have to be activated by a timer switch which is on the wall opposite the entrance and beside the cleaner's cupboard.  There is also a large grey night storage heater which should be left alone.

3. Fire Precautions

Note where the Fire Exits are (main entrance, car park side of Main Hall, opposite wall in Side Annex) and note where fire extinguishers are (entrance foyer, far end of kitchen area, Side Annex, Main Hall left of stage and two in the Meeting Room). Make sure all the Fire Exit signs are illuminated. Note it is also your duty to point out to users of the Hall where the Emergency Exits are sited. In emergency just push HARD on the bars of the Emergency Exit doors and they will open. Fire doors in and out of the kitchen area must be closed. The assembly area is the car park. If there is any outbreak of fire you must call the Fire Service. In the event of power failure the Emergency lights and Fire Exit lights will remain illuminated to aid evacuation of the building.

Remember Fire Exit doors must be kept clear of obstruction at all times and ensure this is so when you stack chairs before vacating the Hall.

4. Kitchen appliances

Most are just as in your own kitchen and are not controlled by a master switch. The hot water dispenser in the main servery is ideal for making many hot drinks. Turn blue lever to right to allow inflow of water and nearby main switch to ON. Turn both OFF when finished. For major catering operations in the kitchen activate the timer switch to the right of the cooker hood. Turn on the two hot water switches above sink, and undo padlock above cooker. The key is in the black key safe to right of main servery door as you face the main exit (if shut code is 263, the key is no. 4 on the rack).  There are standard controls on the cooker for oven and rings. There is a large hot cupboard to the left of the cooker. The charge for using the cooker is £8.

When catering for large numbers the commercial dishwasher in the far kitchen is invaluable but please take care to follow the detailed instructions on the wall and pay careful attention to the cleaning procedure when finished. Turn on at the start of proceedings as it takes 50 minutes to reach operating temperature. There is a charge of £5 to use the dishwasher.

5. Projector screens

The electrically operated large projector screen in the Main Hall is behind the stage curtain. Go up on the stage via doors to right or left. Facing the auditorium just behind the curtain on the right hand side is the on/off switch and resting on top of the switch is a remote control to lower and raise the screen. The screens in the Side Annex and the Meeting Room are manually operated. Read instructions on the wall. It is essential to pull down GENTLY so as not to over-extend. Go very slowly as black line at top comes into view, then it clicks into position. Pull gently down further and it retracts.

6. Accidents, untoward incidents

Any untoward matter must be reported to Richard Corbett or any other member of the BVHMC. If required there are First Aid boxes available in the bar area adjoining the kitchen, in the cupboard to the right of the sink (far kitchen). In the Meeting Room the First Aid box is in the cupboard under the sink. Within the First Aid boxes blank incident forms will be found. Alternatively, click this icon to download a copy: 

PDF logo

Incident Form


7. On leaving the Hall

Leave things as you found them so that everything is in good order for the next user. Turn off all lights, heaters, appliances. Replace chairs and tables to where you found them. Chairs should be stacked in piles no more than five and placed BETWEEN Emergency Exit doors, so as not to obstruct them. Lift rather than drag furniture so as not to damage floor. Small tables are stacked to left of stage and large tables behind stage at left hand end. In the Meeting Room leave eight tables together in centre of the room.

Sweep, vacuum and/or clean the floors, paying particular attention to food crumbs and any wet or sticky spills. Some of our hirers use the Hall in bare feet. The cleaning cupboard is in the Ladies toilet, to right of the door, and wide floor brushes are in the store at the end of the Main Hall on the right of the stage. Kitchen cleaning materials (washing-up liquid, scourers, oven cleaner, dish-cloths and black bin sacks) are stored in the right hand cupboard below the counter in the Servery.  The equipment is there for you to use but we do ask you to provide your own tea towels.

Please dispose of rubbish correctly:

  • RED BOX under servery counter for cardboard, paper and cartons.
  • BLUE BOX under servery counter for recyclable glass, plastic and metal

After your event please leave these boxes just inside the front door on the left.

Please place all other rubbish in black bin sacks and then into one of the two the green wheelie bins, for landfill, at the side of the Hall.  Do not place rubbish in the brown wheelie bin which is for garden waste.

If you have used the kitchen, please:

  • Clean all the work surfaces and mop the floor
  • Leave the cooker completely clean

Byfield Village Hall is used for a wide variety of purposes, by many societies, clubs and individuals in Byfield and the surrounding area. If we all take care to leave it as we find it, it will continue to serve our community for many years to come.

If you have any problems, please mention them to the Chairman, Richard Corbett.

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