Terms & Conditions of Hire


During this very difficult period we have added information about safe use of the Hall and the hirer is asked to sign an additional contract to acknowledge that they have read and understood what is required of them.  Furthermore should anyone attending the Hall fall ill or die from Covid-19, then the Byfield Village Hall Management Committee ('The Trustees') will not accept responsibility. 

At the present time (21 October 2020) the Hall is open and available for hire by groups that can operate safely within the government's guidelines.  We know these guidelines are often confusing and subject to frequent changes.  We also receive detailed advice from the Northamptonshire branch of ACRE (Action with Rural Communities in England).  In simple terms activities can proceed provided social distancing is observed and masks are worn.  Children's Parties are specifically prohibited.  We are happy for users to go into the kitchens to make hot drinks but only if one or two persons go in at once to boil a kettle.  We are not allowing cooking, as with Big Breakfast, because the area inevitably becomes crowded.

So, please read the following.  I shall contact each hirer to obtain their signature.  Without their signature the event will not be allowed to proceed.


All hirers are requested to sign a contract that is between the hirer and the Byfield Village Hall Management Committee (‘The Trustees’).  This establishes that the hirer agrees to abide by our Hiring Agreement as published on our website (www.byfieldvillagehall.org.uk).  In the light of the Covid pandemic further considerations apply and I shall ask you to sign your agreement below.

I have carried out a Risk Assessment and you are asked to do the same.  Notices have been displayed around the Hall with advice to all users regarding hand sanitiser, masks, surface cleaning, use of toilets, hand washing and social distancing.  You are required to retain the contact details of all persons attending for the purpose of ‘Track & Trace’ for a period of two weeks.

These things we can do to minimise risk.  What we cannot do is to be present in the Hall to police you and you would not want us there.  Nor can we paste distance markers all around the Main Hall which is spacious enough for most activities.

The Trustees wish to make it plain to you that they cannot accept any responsibility for the remote possibility that anyone in your gathering should contract or die from Coronavirus.  We have to carry insurance but the insurance position is unclear. 

Having studied the above and if you are unhappy about the risk it would be better for you to cancel.  There would of course be no charge for cancelling.  If you are happy to proceed please acknowledge that you have read and understood the above.

 Richard Corbett,  Chairman and Bookings Secretary,  On behalf of The Byfield Village Hall Management Committee

 21 October 2020

 Signature of Hirer



Charges: these are detailed under Hire Charges and displayed on the Hall noticeboard. Use of all the tables and chairs together with kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery in unlocked cupboards is included. There are additional charges for use of the cooker (£8), the dishwasher (£5) and £25 for cleaning (not clearing, which you are required to do) of the Hall after the event. Sometimes we are asked to waive a charge for a charitable organisation. We are also a charity, have very considerable overheads and have to balance our books. Charges differ between village/non-village and there is a 10% discount for those regular users listed on the website.

Catering: if this only involves tea & coffee then all the requisites such as kettles, hot water dispenser, coffee machine, cups and saucers are provided. Bring your own tea, coffee and refreshments. All washing-up and cleaning materials are provided under the sinks but we do ask you to bring your own tea towels. Black bin sacks and reserves of cleaning materials are kept in the cupboard marked ‘Cleaning Materials’ under the counter at the far end of the Servery.

Outside caterers: are permitted to use the Hall for your event.

Items for Hire for outside use: tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery are available for hire for use outside the Hall and these costs are shown under Items for Hire. Please contact Richard well in advance to discuss details if requesting outside use. A deposit is payable whenever such items are taken outside the Hall.

Alcohol: if you plan to sell alcohol at your event this requires a licence which is obtained by completion of the ‘Additional Requirements’ section. Serving alcohol at a private event does not require completion of the form but if you plan to have a cash bar at a private event then a licence is required. Whenever alcohol is involved BVHMC reserve the right to require a surety of £100 in advance.

Other Licenced Activities: The Hall has a joint music licence with the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) for the live and recorded performance of copyright music.

Surety:  whenever alcohol is to be either sold or served at an event, the Byfield Village Hall Management Committee reserves the right to require payment in advance of a surety of £100.  The sum of £100 will be refunded, or deducted from your invoice, once BVHMC are satisfied there has been no damage to the fabric of the Hall and that no complaints of rowdy or unruly behaviour have been received from occupants of the several houses that are in close proximity.

Payment: no deposit is required from our regular users and note that BVHMC reserves the right to define the members this group.  Please make cheques payable to ‘Byfield Village Hall’ and send to Pat Cannell, Hon Treasurer BVHMC, 55 Boddington Road, Byfield NN11 6XT. Online payments can be made to ‘Byfield Village Hall’, Sort code 05-02-16, Account 46029746 and please be sure to enter your name or organisation in the reference box so that we know you have paid.

Finally: you must be over 18 years of age to make a booking. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions shown above, the ACRE Hire Agreement and Instructions on Use of the Hall. Please check your times and dates and make sure you are not going to clash with our regular users. Make sure to indicate whether you require the Main Hall or one of the Annexes. If you book the Main Hall the Side Annex goes with it unless the Side Annex has been previously booked.


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